What College Coaches Want Pt. 2

I thought since getting recruited is such a hot topic among parents and players (beyond just baseball) these days, I’d write a little more on what coaches are looking for.  I say beyond baseball for one main reason: coaches are looking for personality traits just as much as they are looking for talent.

If you haven’t read my first article on this, click here to read.

This post will be about what kind of PERSON a coach is looking for.  So if you were looking for an easy way to nitpick a few ways to quickly get in favor of coaches/ scouts, this isn’t the way to do it.  You get recruited by working your ass off and showing that you are a good person and a leader.  Unfortunately for those who want to just get their scholarship, party, hit nukes, and say fuck everyone else, that isn’t going to work.  They correa batting cagewant to see guys who pick their teammates up (not necessarily when they strike out looking… but pretty much all the other times), that hustle everywhere, get involved in the game and don’t stand at the back of the dugout… The list goes on and on.

The point is that its all about the little things.  The little things won’t make an unrecruited senior going into graduation a full ride guy, but they will sure as hell turn a 50% scholarship guy into a 100% guy.  Or, a preferred walk on into a 25% guy.  If you get the CHANCE to talk to a college coach for whatever reason, everything you do with them is a test.  Shake their hand FIRM, look them in the eyes, TAKE YOUR OAKLEYS OFF, if you’re inside take your hat off (personal experience), show some enthusiasm somehow… anything you can do to make them want you on your team.

THIS IS HUGE, WRITE THIS DOWN – College coaches are NEVER just recruiting players to go out there and make plays and hit balls.  They’re recruiting a culture and any half decent coach knows that.  So when it comes down to crunch time, does a coach want to worry about culture when he should be worrying about play? No. So he will do his due diligence.  He will recruit guys that will set a GREAT culture so he never has to worry about it.

I’m going to keep this post short and end it with this.to do list win

Show each coach what kind of culture you will bring to the team.  Show him that when you’re a junior or a senior, his team, with you on it, is going to be a gritty, hard working, aggressive group of guys who want to win.  That will give any coach goosebumps and if they all think you’re that guy, they’ll be fighting over you.


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