Core Values

Earlier this winter break I was listening to a podcast by Andy Frisella about the core values his company has.  Andy Frisella, for a little background, spent a summer when he was around 18 years old painting parking lot lines with his friend.  With the money they made, they opened up a supplement store and over the next 10-15 he made himself a millionaire.  He now owns multiple companies which earn between 200-300 million a year.

He was talking about his core values and it got me thinking that I should do the same.  I made a list, and wrote a description of each value so I could do my best to live by them every day.  Since then I’ve noticed a positive change in my life.

My Core Values

These values are not listed by importance.

  1. Confidence confidenceConfidence is key to your success.  If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you will be swayed by every little criticism you get.  You need to have the confidence to take criticism and analyze it – is it hate or is it something you can use to improve yourself.  Keep moving forward.  Just because you get some hate or criticism, it doesn’t mean you quit.  Instead, take the hate and forget about it or take the criticism and MAKE the changes… and keep moving forward!
  2. Continually Self-improve – You are never your best self.  Constantly read, listen to other people and train.  self improveConstantly, through trial and error, change yourself to make yourself better.  Athletes don’t make it to the pros and stop working out.  They work out HARDER.  The same goes for everyone else.  Never stop improving yourself and your self-equity will multiply until the day you die.
  3. Always Exceed Your Expectations of Yourself – You are only capable of what you allow yourself to be capable of.  When you have a certain expectation of yourself it becomes easy to MEET that expectation.  If one day you exceed your own expectation, even if it is just by a miniscule amount, your expectations of yourself become that much higher.  By doing this, your work will always seem hard because you always need to beat your expectation of yourself, but your work will progressively get better and better and eventually, you will be shitting out great work because your expectations of yourself are so high.
  4. Be Disciplined – This goes along with the last core value, you must have discipline exceed-client-expectations-e1312550753383to exceed your own expectations.  By being disciplined in everything you do, it becomes easy to extend that to the important things.  That means taking out the trash when it needs to be taken out, sweeping the floor, doing the dishes, fixing things instead of taping them up, etc…
  5. Be Resilient – You will be knocked down. If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, you can Google just about any successful person and see how often they’ve been knocked down.  It’s impossible to be successful if you allow yourself to stay down.  How can you move forward if you allow things to keep you down for too long?  All your time will be spent trying to get back up when you should already be back on your feet.  Don’t get back up and make the same mistake again.  Take each failure as a learning opportunity.
  6. Work Hard – This one is simple.  Work your ass off.  The harder you work, the more you will get out of life.  Don’t think of it as “the harder it is now, the easier it is later.” hard work It’s always going to be hard.  You need to find joy in that.  The hard work is the fun part because it’s what gets you success.  Don’t allow some success to be enough.  When you reach success, you must put success farther away so you’re always moving forward.
  7. Go the Extra Mile – This is directly from the MFCEO with Rick Frisella. You go the extra mile for others for two main reasons.  People will love you and your personal brand for it.  This will create lifelong friends and followers of you and your work.  2. You work hard all day, this is the part that makes it all worthwhile.  Your hard work brings people to you who need you to solve a problem for them.  extra mileNormal people who don’t work hard don’t GET to solve people’s problems like you do, this is a privilege for two reasons; one, you get paid to do it and two, you put a smile on their face and get a huge sense of accomplishment out of it.  If you’re given the opportunity to solve someone’s problem, make the absolute most out of it so you never run out of problems to solve.
  8. Accept Responsibility – If you try to transfer blame you’ll never learn from your mistakes because in your mind, they won’t be your mistakes. baby_in_mirror.0 When you transfer blame your discipline will suffer.  If you can’t take responsibility you aren’t being resilient.  A resilient person is strong enough to look failure in the face and learn from it.  Someone who transfers blame is too scared to accept it and you will continue to make the same mistakes.
  9. Be Efficient – Don’t lollygag from task to task.  Get your shit done.  If you’re going to the library to do an essay, GET IT DONE.  There have been too many times where I’ve gone to the library, spent hours there and gotten MOST of it done when I probably could have had the whole thing done in an hour and a half.  This goes along with discipline, but I didn’t realize the power of being efficient until Andy Frisella talked about it.  He talked about your efficiency levels when something is due in a month vs a day.  Just act like everything you’re doing NEEDS to be done that day.productive

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