Shorten the MLB Season?

An MLB season lasts over 6 months and consists of 2,430 games not including the post season.

NFL Regular Season – 16 games

NBA Regular Season – 82 games

MLB Regular Season – 162 games (OVER THE COURSE OF 6 MONTHS)

Could shortening the MLB season make the sport more appealing? NFL games are so thrilling because each game means SO much.

A baseball team can go on a 20 game losing stint and still make the playoffs while a first place team at the half can lose their playoff bid.  What’s the point of watching early season games?  Once it gets interesting, if your team is way ahead or behind, again, what’s the point?

If the season were shortened, each game would have more at stake.

The problem is that any team can win on any given day, so making the season too short could result in an undeserving team making it to the playoffs or winning the World Series.

Here’s the Stats…

The NFL and NBA have become much more popular than baseball.  Using Google Trends we can see how many times these phrases are Googled.  It has nothing to do with revenue, but it gives us a good idea of how interested people are in each league.

You can see the bump just before 2016 when the MLB made it a priority to speed up games.  (That’s not going to cut it.)

Something more must be done to increase excitement at baseball games.  By shortening the games here are the benefits that I see:

  • Create intensity behind every single pitch
    • With each win being so much more important players would have to bring all their tools to the yard rather than just the ones that prove to be successful over a 162 game season.
  • Fill stadiums (fewer possible games you can attend, more fans want to go)
    • *sense of urgency*
  • Fewer injuries
  • More focus given by fans over a shorter time span
    • People might be losing interest halfway through, a shorter season would fit better with today’s short attention span.
  • MLB won’t share coverage on Sports Center
    • The MLB shares its front end with the NBA and its back end with both NBA and NFL (NFL dominates Sports Center during baseballs most important final months!!!).



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2 thoughts on “Shorten the MLB Season?”

  1. I agree. I watch a lot of baseball in April and May and again in September and October, but around now I get the mid-season doldrums. Can’t see MLB ever shortening the season though. Even if they would limit to 4 or 5 games a week it would improve the game.

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