What is the ‘SD Project’

sam dimatteo head shot.jpgFirst of all, the founder of the SD Project is Sam DiMatteo.  He’s in his early 30’s trying to build his career and his focus stays on helping other people.

He spent 6 years in the minor leagues before lingering injuries forced him into the real world.  For such a young, fun to be around guy, I was surprised to see the good things he was working to achieve.

Sam is currently a coach for the Palm Springs Power and is  definitely the most knowledgeable hitting coach here.

What does the SD Project do?

The goal is pretty simple: get money to kids who want to play baseball but can’t due to a lack of funds.

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As you can see, the SD Project has helped many kids and Sam has had the opportunity to travel the country to teach kids the game of baseball.

Facebook Page


Give their Facebook a follow and if you’re feeling generous they’re a 501(c)(3).


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