Baseball Tryout Tips

Baseball Try-out Tips

For those of you with kids heading for the upcoming baseball try-outs, this must be an exciting yet stressful time. Youth baseball try-outs signify the beginning of a potential career in professional baseball for your son or sons, so it is extremely important that you go prepared. One way to reduce the stress due to tryout – both for the kid and the parent – is to be organized.

On the surface, baseball tryouts only appear to be three simple areas including hitting, pitching and fielding. But you as a baseball dad know that that’s not true. What parents need to understand is that coaches watch and evaluate many different aspects of the game, and therefore you must prepare your kid as best as you can. Here are some great tips to help you.

#1 Registration

Pre-register your son if possible (both online and on-paper registrations are available for most try-outs).

Pre-register your son if possible (both online and on-paper registrations are available for most try-outs).

#2 Be on Time!

Try to be at least 15 minutes early. It will give your kid a better sense of the field and show the coaches that you are serious about the team.

#3 First impression is the last impression!

Appearances matter more than they are given credit for. Make sure your son looks the part. If your child shows up in full uniform – cleats, belt, socks, baseball pants top, pants and cap – that coaches get the impression that baseball is important to you.

#4 Introduce yourself

We have always been told how introductions matter in establishing a good first impression and credibility with others. Why should baseball try-outs be different? Tell your kid to walk up to the coach and introduce himself properly. This will show the coach that your son is confident, mature and has what it takes to lead a team.

#5 Warm up!

Often players underscore the significance of warming up for the try-outs. Reaching the field before time is to take advantage of some warm up. Make sure that your kid takes it seriously. If possible, get a little batting practice in at the field or before you get there.

#6 Never Ignore the Coach

Don’t Get Distracted!!!

Not paying attention when the coach is speaking can be fatal to your son’s chances of acing the try-out. Young baseball players showing up for try-outs should always be respectful and attentive to the coach. It is equally important not to get distracted by other players, even when they try to talk to your kid. Remember, coaches are judging your son the second he steps on the field.

#7 Hustle!

Lethargy and idleness do not belong on the baseball field. When it is time for the defensive drills, it is time for action. Hustle on and off the field and make sure you’re always moving! Do not stand in the same place and get distracted or lose interest in what is going on.

#8 Master the mechanics!

Coaches at baseball try-outs are often more concerned with the actual technique than whether the young player hits the ball or not. Remember, time is of the essence. Your son should not be stress upon making contact, but rather the way he manages the swing.


A baseball try-out is anything but a small affair. It is the stepping stone for a successful baseball career. So make sure your kid is prepared, dressed appropriately and confident before the big day arrives. Good luck!


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