Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh review

Before I get started, if you’re looking for me to tell you whether or not you should read the book, you should stop reading this now and read the book.

What it’s about

Delivering Happiness is about how Tony Hsieh ended up at Zappos and includes all of the things he learned along the way.  It is a vast collection of personal experiences that taught Hsieh lessons that he now implements into the Zappos culture.  (The name is pronounced as “shae” I believe)

I’ll stay away from summarizing the story because I’m sure if you were looking for that you could have just gone to Sparknotes.

Who would benefit from reading this book

Someone who’s trying to find happiness in his or her life could read this to find out how Hseih did it.  At the end of the book Hseih goes over a few different methods of finding happiness.  They make a ton of sense and could EASILY be incorporated into your life.

Someone who runs a business.  Clearly Hseih knows how to run a company.  He started off as an investor for Zappos, and when he realized he wasn’t happy, he decided to give Zappos more money and have them move into his apartment complex as he essentially became their CEO.  He gives TONS of tips about treating your employees the right way to have them completely bought in to working hard for your company.

Anyone who is in charge of one or many people.  Hseih talks about what makes other people happy, so if you’re the one calling the shots, you can use his tips to make your direct reports enjoy their work more and work better for you.

Anyone looking for a purpose in life.  When he first started, Hseih was in business only for the money.  Once he got his money, he realized that life is about more than just money.  If you’re a person who doesn’t care much about making a lot of money but you don’t know what you DO want out of life, he can help you find it.