Ekiti Kete Little League Baseball Story

A little league team in Nigeria needs your help and all you need to send is one item you don’t use anymore.


Little league baseball makes its way to Nigeria as a charitable organization.


Ado-Ekiti Little League Baseball and Softball was charted in Williamsport as an official little league team, recognized by the little league organization around the world (ID #00169999).  Very soon after, participation died out due to a lack of supplies.

Players and coaches had to make gloves, balls and bats themselves.

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A man by the name Aina Sunday Oluwafemi with the help of parents in the area brought the league back together under the name Ekiti Kete Little League (ID #309060).  The league has been doing well since, due to the fact that it got a lot of attention in the recent Little League World Series and as a result, got a lot of donations (but not nearly enough).

Oluwafemi is a parent, coach AND umpire for the little league.

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About 2 months ago, the official Little League Facebook page posted this video.  If you skip to 10:00 the president and CEO of Little League International, Stephen Keener begins talking about the boy, Fagbenro Adeeri Philip, who had to make his own glove.

Here’s How You Can Help

Oluwafemi asked for just about any help he can get;

“I want to use this medium to ask for new, gently worn and used baseball and softball apparel, uniform, proper cleats, athletic shoes, training shoes, running shoes, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, SCHOOL SHOES, SCHOOL CLOTHES, instructional books, audiovisual tape, umpire kits and equipment to promote the most prestigious and favorite America game and to keep kids, children out of trouble, off the streets and offer positive after school opportunities in my local community.”

Notice he never asked for money which is why I was so willing to spend the time to write this article.  Oluwafemi clearly just wants to help his community.

There’s nothing in it for himself yet he spent the time to contact me (and from what I’ve heard, others too) and provide me with every single detail of the league’s story.  He provided me with pictures, videos and a complete story of the history of the league.

If you would like to help I will provide the address line at the bottom of this post.

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Ekiti Kete Little League Baseball and Softball
94, Kajola Street,
Off Oluyemi Kayode Stadium Road,
Ekiti State,
Anything helps, no matter how large or small!