King of the Hill for Pitchers and Hitters

The King of the Hill helps players understand what it feels like to use their drive leg.

What is it?

The King of the Hill is a training tool that audibly lets you know when you are driving through the mound (pitching) or through your back foot (hitting).

Watch the video below to see how it works.


It’s not Just for Pitchers!

I personally saw this product for the first time last year at my college and I didn’t see it on a mound – I saw it in the batting cage.

I personally loved this product and would recommend it to any players who are having trouble understanding what it feels like to use your drive leg correctly in the batters box or on the mound.

Since I used the King of the Hill, a new product has come out called The King of the Swing which has a different piece in place of the rubber which is better for hitters.  If you want to get the most out of the product, I suggest the King of the Hill as it can be used for both pitching and hitting.

Brighter Baseball Skills

If you are interested in the website click here to be directed to

Also check out the King of the Hill Pro which functions the same as the King of the Hill but has a couple key upgrades:

  • Genuine rubber used on MLB fields
  • The contact surface is more compatible with cleats

The King of the Hill is used by 24 Major League Teams today.